At Smile Boutique Beverly Hills, our skilled and gentle dental professionals can help restore your smile with superb, high quality veneers. Not only do veneers help improve your smile, they also help restore the function of your teeth.

Damaged, stained and missing teeth can often be more than just an aesthetic issue. Individuals with poor oral health may have trouble eating and even speaking properly. Moreover, damaged teeth can very often put individuals at risk of infections and other more potentially serious complications. That’s why, at Smile Boutique Beverly Hills, we take extra care to provide our patients with the latest in restorative procedures and treatments to enhance their smiles and their overall health.

During the procedure, a set of veneers is crafted and placed over the damaged teeth. We make sure that the veneers are carefully customized to fit the patient’s mouth in order to maximize comfort and the improvement in the appearance of his or her smile. Veneers at Smile Boutique Beverly Hills are typically made out of porcelain, a material that is much more resistant to stains and that also closely resemble real teeth.  The result is teeth that are both attractive and fully functional.

Smile Boutique Beverly Hills: For a Dazzling Smile

Restoring the health and function of your teeth with veneers at Smile Boutique Beverly Hills can definitely give you something to smile about! Visit Smile Boutique Beverly Hills to learn more about veneers as well as any of our other cutting-edge restorative procedures.  To get started, contact us at the number on this page, or reach us via e-mail through our contact page.