WaterLase Laser Dentistry

Though modern day dentistry has become more comfortable than past generations would have ever believed possible, nobody loves the dentist’s drill. Happily, WaterLase dentistry at Smile Boutique Beverly Hills now offers us a legitimate alternative that’s more comfortable, faster, and often more effective than other types of procedures.

WaterLase is a new, patented technology that combines laser energy with a stream of water to perform a number of functions. There’s less need for anesthetic and, with some procedures, no need for any at all! It’s also faster and extremely clean and precise – it’s literally as focused as a laser beam!

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Benefits of WaterLase Dentistry

  • Maximum comfort and precision
  • Requires less anesthetic (or none at all!)
  • Perfectly hygienic – no direct contact with instruments and no risk of cross-contamination!
  • Faster and can prevent the need for additional dental visits

Using WaterLase Dentistry

WaterLase can do a number of things which were previously taken care of by drills and are especially useful for procedures on the gums and other soft tissue. It’s ideal for reshaping gums to get rid of excessively gummy smiles or for removing unpleasant oral growths, and so-called “tongue ties” that can make it harder for the tongue to move. It’s also great for intensive cleaning of the gums to treat gum disease – a potentially serious matter than directly threaten your teeth.

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