Porcelain Veneers

When most people think about cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening is often the first procedure that comes to mind. Luckily, a world-class smile can be achieved through a variety of cosmetic and restorative procedures available to you at Smile Boutique Beverly Hills.

Aging, injury, disease and numerous other factors can contribute to a loss of teeth and poor gum health. The results are often unsightly, confidence-draining and sometimes even uncomfortable, especially if you lead a very social life. No one wants to deal with a chipped, worn down or misaligned smile.  However, leading-edge dental procedures, such as porcelain veneers can bring your smile back to life.

In order to successfully improve any unsightly issues caused by damaged teeth, a set of porcelain veneers are created and implanted on the surface of the original tooth in order to improve your smile. These veneers are customized to fit your mouth and will help you look your best. As opposed to veneers made from other materials, porcelain veneers are more resistant to stains and look the most natural. In addition, porcelain veneers restore the function of your teeth.

It’s no doubt that cosmetic dentistry has come a long way and your smile can be drastically improved with the most cutting-edge and extremely effective procedures that are all within your reach.

If you’re interested in improving your smile with the help of porcelain veneers, feel free to contact us!