High Tech Dentistry

Whether you’re interested in general preventive and cosmetic dentistry for you and your family or such complex procedures as a full mouth rehabilitation, you deserve the help of a dental care provider who provides the very latest in dental treatments. Smile Boutique Beverly Hills offers the most advanced techniques available.  Our offerings include:

Laser Dentistry.

Laser technology has never been more advanced and more versatile.  We use several different types of systems employing the power of highly focused light.  For patients with advanced tooth decay and gum conditions, we use the very latest systems to deal with hard-to-remove tooth decay material as well as bacteria. Lasers can also be used for such purposes as reshaping gums.

That’s not all. Our cosmetic dentistry patients can say goodbye to yellowing, dingy teeth with the power of laser technology. The Zoom! laser system safely and effectively bleaches teeth to a highly attractive shade of white. The treatment is both speedy and effective and can be completed in three 15 minute sessions.

One-Visit Crowns

After getting a root canal or an implant, the last thing you need is one more visit to the dentist just to put on your permanent crown. Now, the latest computerized technology has ended the need for inconvenient and sometimes awkward temporary crowns. Thanks to a special computer-aided milling machine, Smile Boutique Beverly Hills patients can get a permanent crown following a single visit.

3D Imaging

Getting a complete view of the entire mouth and jaw has never been easier or faster. Today’s imaging machines can generate hundreds of images in seconds. With this amazing technology, a skilled dentist can get a clear idea of the condition of your mouth for a truly accurate diagnosis. Whether you’re dealing with jaw problems, are considering  all-on-four dental implants, or getting some other treatment, this technology can make your dental visits more speedy and effective.

Cosmetic Imaging

Patients considering cosmetic treatments no longer have to wonder how their final work will look. This highly advanced computer technology allows Smile Boutique Beverly Hills to give you the clearest possible idea of what your treatment will look like, so you can make the most informed decision possible.

Digital X-Rays

Gone are the days when patients and dentists had to wait for old fashioned X-rays photographs to be developed. Now, we have nearly instant access to the information we need with low-radiation digital imaging. We use only the most advanced intraoral cameras.

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Whether you’re interested in the latest in cosmetic dentistry, regular preventive care, outstanding work on dental Implants in Beverly Hills, or any other sort of dental treatment, we’re here to help. Just call the number on this page or contact us via e-mail through our contact page!