Dental Implants Beverly Hills

dental implants beverly hills

State of the Art Implant Dentistry

Whether patients are missing a single tooth, or require a full smile makeover, Smile Boutique Beverly Hills offers a wide variety of treatment options to ensure that every patient needing dental implants in Beverly Hills gets a beautiful, individualized smile. These options include:

  • Single Implants – For patients needing a single implant, or multiple implants placed in non-adjacent areas of the mouth, our dentists use the highest quality titanium and zirconia to create a complete and beautiful smile.
  • Bridges – When a patient requires multiple crowns on adjacent teeth, a bridge allows the use of only two anchor implants to fix multiple teeth firmly into place.
  • All on Four Implants – Often used as a more permanent replacement for dentures, all on four implants give patients an entirely new smile using only four implants

Same Day Dental Implants in Beverly Hills

Traditional dental implants can take up to six months or more to bond with your jawbone and heal after implant surgery. Then there are “same-day dental implants.” This highly specialized technique allows certain patients to have their damaged teeth removed and implants placed, along with complete dental crowns or restorations, in the same day!

Beverly Hills Dental Implant Cost

Pricing for a full implant, abutment, and crown; complex implant cases, bridges, and All-On-Four implants vary based on the patient, as it is important that each treatment plan is catered to each patient’s individualized needs.

More Facts About Dental Implants

  • Patients typically leave a dental implant procedure with temporary teeth in place. This is markedly different from the past, when patients were asked to go without any replacement teeth until the implant had bonded with bone.
  • The success rate for dental implants is quite high; it’s close to 100 percent in certain areas of the mouth.
  • While it’s difficult to say precisely how long dental implants usually last, with regular brushing, dentist visits, etc., they will likely last as long as you do!
  • Dental implant procedures can be performed under local anesthesia, though sedation options are available for patients with concerns about anxiety and discomfort.
  • A procedure to add a single implant will usually take approximately one hour. Naturally, more implants will take longer.
  • Healing times may be decreasing. Up until recently, dental professionals were instructed not to begin work on a patient’s permanent prosthetic teeth until three months after the surgery for the lower jaw, and six months for the upper jaw. Today, however, we know that the healing and bonding process can go faster for some patients.
  • While dental implant failures do happen in very rare cases, they are usually only an issue with smokers and people with weakened immune systems. In these cases, they can usually be replaced with larger implants.

For more information about specific pricing, or to learn more about the many benefits of replacing missing teeth with Smile Boutique Beverly Hills, call 424.281.0959 or use our convenient Request an Appointment form. Our implant dentistry patients come to us from Culver City, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, West Hollywood,  Beverly Hills and neighboring areas.