Bad Breath Treatment

Bad breath (halitosis) can occur due to poor oral hygiene habits, infections, gum disease and untreated tooth decay. At Smile Boutique Beverly Hills, we pride ourselves in providing outstanding treatment for patients dealing with this difficult and embarrassing problem.

Avoiding Bad Breath

There are a number of ways that you can steer clear of bad breath while also keeping your teeth sparkling white and attractive as possible. For one thing, good oral hygiene habits are essential for  fresh breath. Key oral hygiene habits include:

  • Brushing and flossing twice a day to eliminate harmful bacteria that can cause bad breath
  • Eliminating bacteria on your tongue with a toothbrush or tongue scraper
  • Using mouthwash to freshen your breath and fight tooth decay and gingivitis
  • Quitting smoking or vaping

Routine dental visits can also significantly reduce the risk of developing infections, gum disease, and other oral conditions that can oftentimes lead to more stubborn cases of bad breath. In these cases, a dental professional can perform an oral exam and be able to address any issues early on before they become a major problem. In addition to that, deep cleanings by  a member of our dental health team can often eliminate stubborn plaque that builds up and causes bad breath.

Smile Boutique Beverly Hills: The Place to Keep Your Breath Fresh

Don’t let your breath get in the way of your life! Visit Smile Boutique Beverly Hills for quality treatment today. You can get in touch with us by calling the number on this page, or send us an e-mail through our contact page.