All On Four Dental Implants

All on Four Dental Implants

All-on-four-dental Implants ImageIt’s no doubt that damaged or missing teeth can make life very difficult. The physical and emotional pain that can come from a damaged smile is often overwhelming and incredibly frustrating.  Although there are a variety of ways to repair a smile, one of the most effective and cutting-edge dental restoration procedures comes in the form of all on four dental implants.

This revolutionary dental procedure is completed in one day and only requires for each jaw to have  four dental implants. The all on four dental implant procedure is easily completed in three phases, so you can enjoy your new look as soon as possible.

The first phase involves consultation and prosthesis fabrication. During the second phase, a set of temporary teeth are implanted on the jawbone while you are under sedation. So when you wake up, you get to enjoy a beautiful smile right away! The final phase is completed after the initial healing phase is done, which usually takes about three or four months. During the final phase, a set of permanent teeth are permanently inserted so that you can enjoy a fully functioning and radiant smile for the rest of your life.

Getting dental implants can drastically improve your quality of life and give you that boost of confidence you need. We at Smile Boutique Beverly Hills are ready to help you get that dazzling smile you’ve always wanted.

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