When tooth decay becomes advanced enough that it compromises the integrity of a tooth, root canal therapy is the standard treatment.  Often performed on abscessed, infected or otherwise traumatized teeth, this procedure involves cleaning out the interior pulp of the teeth and then replacing the damaged exterior with a crown.  When performed by our outstanding dental team at Smile Boutique Beverly Hills, the damaged tooth is identical to the lost tooth in both function and appearance.

The root canal has a somewhat fearsome reputation, but in most cases it is by no means a particularly uncomfortable procedure. When performed properly by a skilled root canal dentist, the experience of getting a root canal is similar to getting a new dental filing, although it is somewhat more time consuming. Root canals are often performed, however, when there is substantial toothache pain related to an abscess or other cause, so some patients may confuse the discomfort associated with the damaged tooth with the procedure meant to treat it.

After the Root Canal

The good news is that, once the final crown has been attached, most patients shortly find that they tend to forget they ever had a root canal in the first place. In some cases, there may be some additional sensitivity to heat or cold in the initial few days following a root canal, and some discomfort related to the original infection or abscess may linger. These may be usually be dealt with via ordinary over-the-counter pain relievers and should diminish after a relatively brief period.

Importantly, the procedure means that there is no need for dental implants, as the tooth has been essentially saved. Of course, performing standard dental hygiene with regular brushing and flossing, not to mention regular dentist visits, should be able to prevent the need for any future root canal work.

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